The Blonde Bombshell Flies to Ft Lauderdale

We safely arrived in Ft Lauderdale Florida at 5:45 this evening. During the flight, I played musical seats trying to find a seat with a seat back TV that worked all so I could watch an inflight movie. I had trouble in my original seat so the flight attendant moved me up a seat and that one didn’t work either. So I shifted over across the aisle and found a working tv. The flight attendant was nice enough to key me watch the movie at mo charge because of the inconvenience.

We discovered that you get what you pay for or in our case don’t pay for when we relied on a free service transportation from the Ft Lauderdale Hollywood international airport to our hotel for the evening. They were soo late getting us. When we finally got checked in and situated, we flew right out the door again for the Adventura Mall.

There, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner. I tried to find a lighter fare and settled on the Ultimate Grilled Eggplant and melted Mozzarella sandwich. It was soo good!

I think I am going to get an early start tomorrow so I can work out at the mini fitness center at the hotel and get a little breakfast. I am really looking forward to all the breakfasts on the ship. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

Stay tuned for posts aboard the ship!


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