Blonde Bombshell vs the Caribbean


It is currently 1:34 AM ship time and I am drawing near to calling it a night. And what a day–and night–it was! I don’t quite remember what I have told you about my day yesterday, so I will recap a bit.

Worked on my FlowRider skills. Currently sporting several sexy bruises from said adventure. (I am currently saying all this in my mind with a British accent. So, if you want to join the fun and read with an accent—please  do!!) Excursioned in Nassau. Several Bahamian children tried to sell me a walking turtle—cute, but not when I have a running dog back at home. Later on–Dinner in the Solarium Bistro. They serve healthful dinner menu options. Exquisite dining! After, I went over to the Boleros nightclub and saw my favorite bartender, Hugo. He made me two excellent drinks, raspberry mojito and a Yellowtail rum drink.

During our At Sea day today, I participated in a heart pounding, body-drenching spin class in the Fitness Center. After which, I guiltlessly raided the breakfast buffet. Whoops! Today I enjoyed my Cupcake Decorating class at the Cupcake Cupboard on Deck 5, Royal Promenade. I caught the very colorful and entertaining Welcome Aboard Parade. Then, at 2:30 I mosied my way over to the Opal Theater to enjoy a fantastic presentation of Hairspray, the musical. I regret to admit that I a took a bit of a snooze during the performance and awoke to the audience laughing hysterically at the joke that I clearly slept through. Oh, well!

After the show, I changed my clothes and headed for the rock climbing wall. I climbed a whole FIVE feet. Yes, for those of you who know me….I climbed my height. I am climbing mountains, one vertically challenged person at a time!

After rock climbing, I hit up the Studio B ice rink and skated for a half hour during the Cosmic Skate Party with Celebrity DJ Cide from the Scratch DJ Academy. He was cool. I flew off the ice and raced back to the room to jazz up for dinner in the Opus Dining room. There, I enjoyed a caesar salad and lamb shank. After dinner, we rushed over to the Opal Theater for the Love and Marriage Game Show. Youtube it—I am sure there are clips. HYSTERICAL. Videos to come on my facebook!

A trip back through the Promenade to enjoy more of my Latin music at Boleros and here you have me!

Tomorrow–arriving in St. Thomas at 9 am. Excursions and specialty dining at Giovanni’s Table.

Stay tuned!


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