You’re in St. Thomas, Mon!

On Tuesday, we arrived in St. Thomas and did the Magen’s Bay Getaway excursion. A woman picked us up at the pier who hardly spoke a word of English and said that she would be our tour guide. Sweet—Good thing I could figure out what I was looking at based off-road signs and other visual cues. She was incomprehensible—and her driving skills, well–she may have just received her license shortly before taking us up some windy roads on an open air bus. She stopped twice to take pictures overlooking the bay and the cruise ship. While walking around, I spotted several iguanas standing still in the trees. That was cool.

After our photo-op, she whisked us away to the beach. It started to rain on the way over. She let us out and mumbled “Have Fun,” before driving away. Two hours at the beach in the rain. What could have been better? I believe that picture to the side would have been a lot better!

The beach visit drew to a close and we were waiting on one older, Italian couple. We waited and waited. The driver kept honking the horn until finally—she DROVE OFF without them! She actually said “Oh, well!” I didn’t see the couple again to ask how they made it back, but I am sure they were very displeased.

Later that evening, we dined at Giovanni’s Table in Central Park. The food was delicious! It was an Italian, family style meal. Only, I was falling asleep at the table. I was so wiped out from the day (which started at the fitness center, I forgot to mention that) and from climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator that I was literally nodding off. I came very close to getting beef tenderloin medallion and mashed potato in the face. Following our meal, I dozed off during a spectacular performance of Headliner Showtime featuring Vox Audio. Check out their website and listen to the Corporate Video–now that I am awake, I can see that I missed a good show!

The guy with the dark, longer crazy hair is Paul from Long Island. I got the chance to talk and hang out with him. He is really a cool guy. He plans to go back to Las Vegas and relax after the trip and work on getting some more gigs, hopefully on cruise lines!

The show ended and off I went to Bolero’s for a raspberry mojito. This was the night that Carlos, the musician who plays the keys, came over and danced with me–CLEARLY a milestone marker for my cruise vacation. He taught to salsa to the beat of the music. (Pardon me, while I go fan myself off….)

Stay Tuned!


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