Blonde Bombshell At Sea

Ahoy there!  It’s Thursday and it is our second sea day aboard the beautiful Oasis of the Seas. I started my day with yet another spin class. I struggled through this one because not only was I still sore from the first one, but I always opted to take the stairs. I calculated it: there are roughly 8 stairs leading up or down to each landing and there are 17 decks (really only 16, because there was no deck 13, hmmm….) and the furthest I climbed was from the gangway to deck 9 (the deck my stateroom was on) or from deck 5 (Promenade) to deck 15 (where Windjammer buffet is located, oh and the pools)–that climb SUCKED. Sooo that is roughly—142 stairs if coming from the gangway or 160 if I wanted to go gorge myself–errr–lay out. And if I was returning with the rest of my pokey party members, (they always waited for the elevator—which is the reason why I hated waiting for it….because you could be standing there for 10 minutes. I swore I could always beat the elevator by climbing the stairs…so thats what I did) they waited for the elevator and I darted up the stairs. There were few occasions when other guests would stop me and say, “Getting a work out, huh?” or “I saw you yesterday taking these stairs. Don’t you EVER take the elevator?” “In a hurry?” “Trying to be the first one in the buffet line?” All I kept thinking to myself was Smile and Nod, Smile and Nod, Smile and Nod….

After spinning, I….you guessed it! TOOK THE STAIRS from Deck 6 (Vitality Day Spa and Fitness Center) to Deck 15 to grab some food from Windjammer. And then ran around the pool deck to find a Towel Station. They are very unforgiving at the Towel Station. You can only take two towels out per person using your Seapass. If you don’t return the towels, then you can’t get a new one. And further—if you don’t return the towels by 10pm on the last night, you are the proud new owner of a $25 blue Royal Caribbean body towel (huge, by the way) that has the unique odor of wet person forever soaked into it. Along the way I met a Pool Patrol crew member from Haiti. We talked for a bit, or rather he talked and I tried so desperately to understand what he was saying and come up with something of a response. He had a very heavy Haitian accent and his English was still a work in progress. I felt bad. He was able to point me to a Towel Station and then back down I went to shower and get ready to lay out by the pool.

Some drink in a cool bamboo water bottle came walking around, so I got one of those. It was quite good! It was actually the same drink I got the day before in St. Maarten, the Guavaberry Colada–except better! I layed out for a bit and got the chance to talk to Paul form Vox Audio. He was working off a nasty hang over with some sea air and a tall glass of ice water. Then I picked up my stuff and ran down to the room to change because there was cosmic ice skating. Where else in the world can you lay out, climb rocks, ice skate, zip line, and more  all in the same place? NO WHERE! Ice Skating is held on Deck 4, Studio B. The rink was a pretty good size. I believe they even have a Zamboni onboard because when I first got onto the ice, it was pretty smooth. I know they hold rehearsals for their ice production, Frozen in Time during the off hours.

After ice skating, I went off to see where the rest of the crew was and found them near the Aqua theater. There was a 3:30 performance of Splish Splash, a comedy dive show with the Royal Caribbean swimmers and divers. It was going along great until a diver dove into the water and because the ship caught some pretty rough waves, the diver came so close to hitting the edge of the pool. You could even see the pool water rolling from one side to the other, making it more or less deep on either side of the bean-shaped pool. The show was immediately postponed until Friday.

The rock climbing walls are right above the Aqua Theater, so I thought, Why Not? So I got harnessed up and laced up the special climbing shoes and away I went. A whole four feet off the ground. YAY!

Tonight was our second formal night in the main dining room. On the Captain’s menu was a Lobster dinner. I went back to our stateroom and got all dolled up for dinner. I wanted to be ready before dinner so I could go sit in the Promenade and listen to my favorite band play–the Canela Band. They were performing from 7 to 8 for a Street Party in the Promenade. I ordered myself a mojito and enjoyed the music. I arrived in time for our 8:30 dinner seating. That night, I ordered the prime rib dinner–delish! I even tried horseradish—ehh. The dining staff sang to us and paraded around the dining Opus Dining Room.

The rest of my party went to catch the stage production, Come Fly With Me in the Opal Theater, while I went to Boleros to enjoy some live music and a raspberry mojito.

Stay tuned!


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