Chicken Christina, Anyone?

You might say I am spoiled, but dinner is usually made daily for me. Well, not just me, but for the rest of the brood, too. Today, however, I was greeted with a note on the table that read “DINNER  ?” indicating that dinner was on us as long as we wanted it. So the Blonde Bombshell took to the kitchen and set out to make dinner. I decided I’d like to recreate a dish I enjoyed from Cafe Amici in Middletown, CT called Chicken Christina. Before you make any judgements—Clamity Jane was able to successfully cook dinner without burning the house down or setting off the smoke detectors (YAY!). It actually came out pretty good. I didn’t have a recipe to follow–I made it up as I went along.

I chopped up some garlic and sliced some packaged prosciutto to saute in a frying pan with some oil over medium low-ish heat. I added 4 tablespoons of butter to melt in the pan and poured in Lemon White Wine vinegar until it was about a quarter-inch deep in the bottom of the pan. I stirred it around and let it reduce before adding a few fistfuls of mushrooms. After the mushrooms I switched gears and began boiling the linguine. I added grilled chicken strips to the pan with all the goods in it. I found some seasonings and added some of those to taste in the pan. I sliced some cherry tomatoes and tossed them into the pan. When the linguine was ready, I drained and added it to the pan….and almost forgot mozzarella cheese! Gave it a good stir and ORDER UP!

Take a look!


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