Got Crickets?

We all know the sound–or lack thereof. When we are hoping to trigger a response out of someone and our tympanic membranes ring with the sound of chirping crickets. Okay–I realize that the described scenario may only exist in movies or cartoons, but it is this very silence that can eat away at someone.

I am a twenty-three year old girl longing to share my heart with one (lucky) intelligent, funny, non-psycho, caring, sweet male individual. This is proving to be harder to find than one originally thought. I put myself out there, make a connection with someone and then reach this awkward phase where you want to keep the ball rolling so you can get to know each other better but you don’t want to come off as too eager or pushy or clingy or needy but need to convey that YES! I AM INTERESTED AND WANT TO HANG OUT AGAIN but no, I AM NOT SOME CLINGY LUNATIC.

So, in a recent dating episode, I made a great connection with someone and we had great conversations over drinks and appetizers. At the end of the night, we parted under the idea that we would “do this again.” And we did–we got together a couple of nights later for a much more low-key night. TV and talking. And then the awkward phase set in….

I think if any potential guy knew about the mental warfare I endure during the dating process–they would probably run in the opposite direction. On the other hand, I guess I would know I found a good, strong guy if they stayed. The thought missiles that get fired across my mind go something like this, “Should I call?” “Should I wait for him to call?” “Is he busy?” “Maybe he doesn’t like me anymore” “Maybe he didn’t like me from the start…” “Why isn’t he answering?” “Did my phone just vibrate?” “I could have sworn my phone just vibrated” “Maybe my phones not working….Let me call myself to make sure.”

Okay, okay—this may have been an exaggeration. But it is in that period of silence that I am left waiting–aimlessly, mind you–for a blip on the radar to hopefully let me know that I’m still on someone’s mind. Until that happens, all I am left hearing are crickets.

I feel a rant coming on—consider yourself warned! But what is it for guys to just say “I’m sorry, but I don’t think it is going to go further than this” or just throw a girl a bone. Enough is enough! A little honesty goes a LONG way in my book. And have I ever bit anyone’s head off for saying they didn’t want to see me again? I think not.

So guys, LISTEN UP! A little message–even just a HEY–would brighten a girls day. But if you feel like you both aren’t on the same page, SAY SOMETHING. Don’t just leave a girl hanging. I mean, yes, eventually she will get the message through the use of this method. But in the name of fairness—just come out with it.

When spoken, the truth can hurt. But often times, what is not said can hurt more. And for those wondering—chirping crickets is one painful sound.


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