The Blonde Bombshell Gets Welcomed Aboard!

Aloha, Guys!

Forgive me if I come off a bit too friendly—I just drank a $20 drink from Senor Frogs in Nassau, Bahamas. Yesterday we set sail aboard one of the world’s largest ships. So far, I have found myself lost on it five times. Hopefully I can get it straight by the end of the trip. The ship is unbelievable. I have lots of pictures, but I cannot locate a USB port to upload them so you can see and I am currently being charged $.65/minute to share my vacation with you. Yesterday, I met a nice pool deck bar server named Luis. He’s a cool man. He talked me into getting three drinks–the Drink of the Day, Oasis Breezer–two of those, and a Pina Colada. I have yet to feel overwhelmed by the amount of people. There are 6,400 aboard. And the drinks? They were good! Don’t worry….There’s plenty more to come, spill and go!

Yesterday, I laid by the pool until it was time for the compulsory lifeboat drill. Our lifeboat station is located in near the Aqua Theater, located in the back of the ship. It was fairly quick, and definitely painless. After that, we browsed the different decks. There is the Promenade deck with different shops and bars. There is the Central Park deck. It is an outdoor deck with several fine dining restaurants and Coach leather goods store. There is even a part that has a boardwalk with a carousel and ice cream parlor and candy store. Sorry for my incessant use of the word ‘and.’

I decided to take my pokey self back to the room to get dolled up for dinner. We have the later dinner seating in the Opus Dining Room on deck 4. Did I mention that there are 16 Decks (at least that I have discovered thus far)? Our server’s name is Ridha. He is from Tunisia. I am probably not spelling that right. It’s in a part of Africa. Google it. For dinner, I enjoyed a Pineapple, Strawberry and Kiwi Medley to start, a Mediterranean Quesadilla for my main course and a Low-Fat Peach and Raspberry Cobbler for dessert. It was delectable!

After dinner, we perused the ship a bit. We walked through Casino Royale and found the nightclub, Blaze upon its exit. They have several singles Meet-and-Greets, and 18+ nights while on the voyage. I checked out the Open-Mic Karaoke Kick-Off. You could tell whose nerves were eating away at them and who was definitely ready to kick ass when they got up there.

A few brave souls went up there before I walked across the Promenade to Boleros, the Latin Night Club. I sat at the bar and ordered a Mojito. It was quite minty, but very good! I got talking to one of the band members, Carlos who played the keys. He is from the Dominican Republic and has been on the ship working different jobs. He said that he started off as a housekeeper, a waiter and finally an entertainer. He hopes to get aboard a different cruise ship one day. Between his English and my Spanish—we had a decent conversation.

After that, I tried to locate my party…not the liquid kind–the human kind. When that failed–and it does regularly because the ship is soo HUGE—I went back to the room and called it a night.

Stay tuned!


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