Blonde Bombshell Bids Adieu to the Oasis

After strolling into my stateroom well after 4 in the morning, I swiftly pulled out some clothes and took a fast shower before lying down to sleep the rest of the night. The rest of the night flew by before I was able to catch even a wink of sleep. I had to be up a few minutes to six in order to get breakfast and be off the ship before 7:30. We selected the Express Self Assist Walk Off Disembarkation because we had an early flight back home. Not wanting to experience any possibly hold-ups, we chose the earliest possible departure from the ship which was great for everyone who got a full night’s rest–SUCKED for me because I barely got even an hour’s worth of sleep. GREAT idea that was—hope you sense my sarcasm.

I rushed back up to the stateroom for the last time after breakfast to gather my belongings and give the room a final once-over to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind. Feeling as though I had everything, I left the room and was pleasantly greeted by Mohan Swift, our room attendant. Let me just say this–I think room attendants deserve far more credit than we give them credit for. I think we take for granted all they do to ensure our stateroom is comfortable, clean and inviting for the week. They break their backs making sure every little detail is in place for when we return after a long, hot day or an exciting night. They make the bed early in the day and then turn down the sheets at night.

Back to Swift—he was out in the hallway and greeted me with his warm smile. He has a smile that can light up a room. He said that it had been a pleasure serving us and that he hopes to see us again. Out of everyone I met on the cruise, he was always the first
one to greet me in the morning and ask me how my day is going/was. I made sure to give him a great big hug goodbye. I will surely miss him and the neat towel creatures he always left on the bed.

Disembarkation went smoothly, as did the Customs checkpoint. We made it to the airport with more than enough time to spare. I looked in my bag quickly for my license to hand to the woman behind the check-in counter, but didn’t see it right away. Knowing that I had my passport handy, I gave that to her while I continued to search my bag for my license. I thought I collected everything out of the safe back in the cabin—in fact, I remember using my license a couple of times while onboard. I knew it had to be in my bag somewhere. When we moved onward to the security line, I began rifling through my bag. When I didn’t find it that time, a delightfully awful thought crossed my mind—what if I lost it on the ship? Maybe I would have to go back for it? (Wink, wink!) I pushed that thought out of my mind and made a bee-line for a seat in the terminal. No sooner did I sit down, did my eye lids start to get heavy. Every now and again, I would catch myself falling forward out of the seat and wake up.

Finally they called our row and I raced to get on the plane. I found my seat, threw my things under the seat in front of me and fell right to sleep. I didn’t even hear the take off or the emergency information. The next thing I remember is the plane touching down in Hartford. As soon as we landed, I ached to be back on the ship sailing off to the Western Caribbean for the week. Surely, they would have better weather than what we experienced.

Overall, it was an excellent vacation. Now I just need a vacation from the vacation and I will be all set!

Stay tuned for some critiques of the ship. Please send me any questions you have!


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