A First for Everything

This week I was diagnosed with my first sinus infection. I had been sharing my symptoms in a piece-meal fashion with  my mother who has been telling me  that I have a sinus infection and to phone the doctor. As always, I try to disprove the boss by throwing around my philosophy on illness, “If you think you are sick, then you are sick. If you think you are perfectly fine, then you are okay.”

That saying stopped working on Thursday afternoon. Headache, facial pain, nasal issues, dry cough….combined with anxiety over that evening’s test and an interview the following day. Good times!

The doctor was happy I decided to come in. I mentioned how I was going to attempt to wait until Tuesday when I went in for a check up. She appeared alarmed and shook her head. “You wouldn’t have made it. Thank goodness you came in today.”

She prescribed me these horse pills of an antibiotic, which I cut in two so I can swallow them with greater ease. I suppose it is doing what it has to do. I cannot find enough stars to wish on to help clear this infection up asap!


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