Blonde Bombshell? More like Wet Bombshell

Wednesday morning we docked in St. Maarten. It appeared to be precipitating out, so I decided to phone the Guest Services desk to see if the excursion would still be on (because this one went purely to the beach) and if yes, were there umbrellas or any sort of rain gear available for sale onboard. The tour would still be on, but the decision to go to the beach would be left to the attendant on the pier. As for umbrellas or rain gear, I was told that there was none for purchase anywhere onboard. We disembarked the ship early to meet our shore excursion and wouldn’t you know, it was POURING rain. YEP! Guess who got to stand in it for a half hour before the tour even moved off the pier? Yours truly. It was one of those moments where standing in the rain seemed so ridiculous, it was funny. We took pictures looking like washed up sea rats. By the way, Carnival Dream was docked there as well. They handed their guests nice blue ponchos as they disembarked the ship.

Our tour guide finally began and we were on our way with Arturo, or as he liked to be called–Indiana Jones. First, he brought us to a little shopping district in the Dutch side of the island. The sky opened up as soon as he let us off the bus. We ran across the street and took cover under a rather large woman’s tent on the sidewalk. While waiting for the heavy rain to subside, she tried selling us her entire store. I felt guilty and ended up buying a white sun dress cover up. It wasn’t until after I got back from the island that I realized that she sold me a plus-size women’s dress.

Getting back to Arturo He was by far the best guide I have ever had. He aimed to please everyone and share knowledge with whom he spoke. When he brought us to the beach, we stopped and ate a little lunch at this food shack called the Boo-Boo Jam. Arturo sat down and had a heart-to-heart with me about persevering and following through on my dreams. The best thing he said is “Never wish to go somewhere or do something. Just go and do it. If you keep wishing, you might end up very disappointed.”

Once the tour came to an end, Indiana Jones brought us back to the pier where we walked around. I sampled the island specialty drink–Guavaberry Colada. It was pretty good. Someone in our party tried it and instantly said that it tasted like Peptobismol. I didn’t taste the similarity, but maybe the color had something to do with it.

After our dinner in the main dining room with our servers Ridha and Ramil, we got our boogie shoes on and got ready to get down on the Promenade for the 70’s Disco Street Party. Over 4,000 people stood, danced and enjoyed the street party as much as we did. Check my Facebook for video coverage of the craziness! You’ve got to see it to believe it! The party started at 11:30 and continued well into the wee hours at different venues around the ship. It was the best and most anticipated cruise staff event the whole week we were at sea.

Tomorrow we are at sea and I have an 8:45 spin class planned for the morning.

Stay tuned!




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