The Boyfriend of The Month Club: A good beach read!

I just finished reading Maria Geraci’s novel, The Boyfriend of The Month Club at the gym this morning. I have been taking it with me everywhere I go in the hopes that if I find a lull in time, I’ll whip it out and read just a few more pages of this light and airy novel.

Geraci’s characters are fun and engaging—you will find at least one that you can fall in love with throughout her 368-page turner. I especially enjoyed the ending of the book because it gave the perfect closure to the relationship you secretly voted a success for protagonist, Grace O’Bryan. Far from perfect, but seeking the perfect love story she’s seen in movies, read about in books, Grace loves and loses–at a great price, thanks to the Book-Club-turned-Boyfriend-of-the-Month-Club–and gains it all back in the end.


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